Why Join the Local Marketing Alliance?

Why join the Local Marketing Alliance?

There’s a bold new economy out here and it can be either your friend or your foe depending on how you position yourself.  The internet, e-commerce, digital media, and online communities have all contributed to this changing landscape.  In order to thrive in the bold new economy you must learn and be prepared to adjust your approach to business to take advantage of where things are today.

The Village Connector Local Marketing Alliance was created to serve as your guide in navigating the ever changing waters of local marketing and local commerce.  Through our local marketing newsletter, our internet radio show, and our member resource center we make it simple and easy for local business owners to stay informed, stay connected and stay focused on strategies to grow their businesses.

We know that small locally owned businesses are the backbone of our economy and our commitment to serving them is grounded in our desire to have a positive influence on creating prosperity in communities across the country.  Join us today at no cost and become part of the solution for community prosperity.

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Get started today with your Village Connector Local Marketing Alliance membership.  It’s absolutely Free.  Our members receive timely information on the current state of affairs in hyperlocal marketing, through our internet radio shows, and our newsletter.  We also have a video resource center that answers questions about technologies and strategies that are available to market your local business to local consumers.

Activate your free membership by clicking the image to the right and completing the form on that page.  Do it now and start benefiting today!

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