Associate Membership Gets You Connected

Some people assume that a free membership offering must be stripped down and of little value.  But, we encourage you to judge for yourself.  Below is a description of the resources that come with our free Associate Membership.  We take our mission seriously, so even our complimentary members are treated like gold!

A professional marketing advisor

Do you have a marketing advisor to answer your marketing questions, deal with marketing and advertising sales people for you, and make sure your marketing and advertising efforts are coordinated to give you the best results?  As an Associate Member of the Local Marketing Alliance we offer you complete marketing consultation that allows us to understand your marketing objectives, so that when you have marketing questions we can assist you in a personalized way.

And, when marketing sales people call, you’ll have someone  you can look to for an objective assessment on whether what they have is a good fit for your business.

Educational resources

To ensure you have access to the right information in a timely fashion, our Local Marketing Alliance newsletter is filled with tips and resources for marketing your local business. You also have access to our growing video library of technology updates and other marketing advice you can implement immediately.

Finally, we produce a weekly radio show on local marketing strategies and the archive of those shows is available on this site.


Email marketing resources

Great business to consumer relationships start with your providing unconditional value to your new customer even before they make a purchase from you.  We make that easy by providing you with a copy of our exclusive ebook, “The Consumers Win! Hacks of Life”.  This ebook is the perfect giveaway incentive for consumers to get on your email list where you can communicate your deals to them more effectively.

This resource also includes 52 consumer tips email messages you can send weekly to customers along with your deals and promotions.


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With all that to gain and nothing to lose, why not get enrolled for your Associate Membership.  We’d love to be of service to you, so do it now.  Complete the form below to get your membership activated.


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