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Local Businesses: Recapturing the Local Market

While E-commerce giants like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and others continue to siphon off local commerce from our local communities, tools are emerging that allow local business owners to regain market share.  That is, if they are paying attention. The video below features...

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Home Shopping TV Goes Local

Home Shopping TV Goes Local   Local marketing organization puts local business in internet TV spotlight Laurel, MD April 21, 2016 -- The Village Connector Local Marketing Alliance, a new organization devoted to helping local businesses reach consumers who are local to...

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Local Business Must Go Online.

We see report after report documenting the real shift in consumer buying habits to online and it's time for local businesses to accept it, and to develop a strategy for reaching consumers when they are online making buying decisions.  Here's a report on how online...

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“C” is for Collaboration!

We have been long time advocates of seeing local businesses work together to attract customers.  And, now here's evidence that the strategy works.  Staples has partnered with a co-working company to put co-working centers inside their larger stores.  Their goal is to...

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